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Corporate Social Responsibility

A commitment to meaningful and pro-active CSR policy lies at the heart of the Golden Shield philosophy


  • Strengthen economy with preferential use of local products and services
  • Comprehensive local hiring and work schedules to benefit local customs and needs
  • On-the-job training of operators, service personnel, drivers, security and technicians


  • Providing agriculture, fishing and agro-industrial technical training in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Community Support efforts focused on education and school sports

Sustainable Development

  • Engage in dialogue, consultation, and cooperation with Indigenous Communities
  • Execute water assessments, biotic monitoring and waste management programs
  • Assist in development of agriculture and agro-industry


  • COVID-19 support, including donations of sanitation kits and PPE supplies
  • Collaboration on medical campaigns with local government and NGOs
  • Co-operation with municipalities on potable water studies for local communities

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